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Bulletproof Coffee for Your Health: A Unique Coffeeology Concept!

A big shout out to all coffee addicts!

No more tantrums over getting bored with regular coffees. All those dilemmatic days are over as the new entrant in the health hood arrives – bulletproof coffee. Experts recommend this ‘450 plus calorie containing beverage’ as a good and healthy substitution for your regular breakfast.

So, without wasting any time, let’s find out reasons to sip in this new cuppa brew!

Coffeeology of the bulletproof brew:

Let’s start with the more stereotypical question – What is this beverage and why so much hubbub over it?

According to a nutritionist’s definition, “it is a coffee drink with butter and medium-chain triglyceride derived from coconut oil.

Many diet specialists opine that this cup of beverage provides a person with high level of energy that reinvigorates his/her entire system and also promotes weight loss. That is why it has gained tremendous recognition all over the world.

The ingredients of bulletproof coffee go like:

Organic coffee like Florida Keys Coffee reduces intake of potentially hazardous chemicals from other types of coffee.

2 tbsps. of grass-fed butter (not salted)

2 tbsps. of Medium Chained Triglyceride oil (MCT)

The coffee has become a pop culture brew circulating widely amongst every fitness freak!

Health benefits with Bulletproof Coffee: Facts on the brew

Being a highly energetic drink, it creates a massive impact on your body along with your cognitive function. According to Asprey, it has a reasonable amount of health benefits that yield positive results leading to a happier outlook.

The beverage does well at:

  • Lifting up moods and boosting motivation and energy levels
  • Provides support to your hormones
  • Reduces hunger pangs; thus, initiating low-calorie intake Raises your metabolic rate directly


The MCT oil is a distinct kind as it digests more carbohydrate than fats providing high energy. Brain Octane Oil, a version of MCT, is supposed to be like coconut oil except that it gives your brain cells an extra kick to maximize your performance. Moreover, Asprey says that the drink is free of mycotoxins (fungi and mold), thanks to the results of his secret roasting procedure.

Grass-fed butter adds another plus point to the health benefits of bulletproof coffee dictum. They prove healthier than standard factory made or grain fed cows’ milk. The body craves essential fats for your hormonal balance to remain intact.

A supreme quality grass-fed butter contains beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, A, D, E and K vitamins and finally, CLA, a fatty acid protruding high weight loss tendency. Moreover, being high in butyrate (short chained fatty acid component), it prevents and diminishes inflammation. In return, you have less chance of cancerous illness and depression!

For all black coffee lovers! 

Bulletproof coffee does not require excess sugar like black coffee and projects a low-calorie count. The butter content equals to a cup of black coffee’s regular calorie content. Moreover, the fat found in bulletproof drink helps to maintain your body functions efficiently.

[A small tip for coffee consumers: Keep your intake of this beverage under 3 cups a day to avoid sudden health downfalls.]

Now that you are aware of the benefits of this upbeat brew sip it up for a “cup of coffee can say a lot!”

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