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About Us

The Florida Keys are a group of ‘weather perfect’ islands that extend 113 miles from the southern coast of Florida, dividing the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Our 1,700 island archipelago perched on an ancient coral reef is what usually draws people to the islands; small-town, island living in this tropical paradise is what anchors them.

Life in the Florida Keys is about experiencing all that our islands have to offer. Whether you prefer relaxing under a palm tree or being active both above and below the water, our ‘vitamin sea’ is the perfect remedy.

Florida Keys Coffee is the perfect blend of gourmet, organic coffee unique to our brand and typically not found anywhere else, much like the Florida Keys. Our coffee transports you to the islands, one cup of coffee at a time.

Based in Key Largo, Florida Keys Coffee is devoted to also being a leader in Environmental Stewardship. A portion of all of our Lifestyle Gear is to be donated to REEF.org and reef restoration projects. REEF.org is a non-profit dedicated to protecting marine life through education, service, and research.

So every purchase of a Florida Keys Coffee item will contribute to preserving the beauty and unique environment that make the Keys so phenomenal and unique.

Please visit REEF.org to learn more about their projects and how to help.