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Bulk Coffee in the Florida Keys

If you serve coffee and want to bring a delicious and incredible organic coffee to your clients, then just fill out the form here. Please include current coffee types, consumption and any other information for us to prepare your custom pricing.

If you would like information to become a Florida Keys Coffee or Florida Keys Life Retailer, then we are here to help. A few of the benefits of adding our line are:

  • Creates additional revenue stream with minimal effort
  • Increases client retention
  • Products are a tool for your business
  • Creates an additional service for your clients
  • Builds credibility as a professional
  • Higher profit margin. Minimum of 100% markup
  • Exposure to new clients
  • Organic Alternative
  • Nominal minimum order requirements
  • Florida Keys Brand Awareness

Please fill out the form, and we will get right with you.

Private Label & Co-Packing

We specialize in small batch artisan roasting the top coffees in the world. Small batch drum roasting develops coffee perfectly to achieve the best rich natural flavors. We can supply the coffee or we can roast coffee delivered by your company.

Florida Keys Coffee works closely with customers to develop custom packaging film that can be run on our state of art Fresco G80 quad seal form and fill machine. We can help you design a coffee blend that meets your market needs. Full color print is available with small minimums. We package whole bean and ground coffees to support your business growth.

Our packaged coffees are nitrogen flushed to eliminate oxygen and ensure high cupping quality off the market shelf.

We are a certified organic roaster by USDA. We can help you get approval for organic coffees to use the USDA logo on your bag.

Coffee packaging formats we provide:

Printed full color film to produce retail quad seal gusseted bags with one way degassing valve. 12 oz. bag, 1 lb. bag, 2 lb. bag, 5 lb. bag.

Pre made gusseted bags with tin tie and degassing valve. Short run digital printing or large run printing press printed bags are available. 12 oz. bag, 2 lb. bag, 5 lb. bag.

Private labeling is more than the logo on your package. We’ll consult with you every step of the way to help you develop a successful and profitable private label program.

Our Private Label program requires a minimum order of 24 lbs.